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Obama’s Impeachment

Do the Republicans Have a Case for Obama’s Impeachment?

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As you likely know, President Obama signed an executive order that had overarching results for those who are in the United States illegally. It ended up granting some extra time for those who have come to the United States in order to stay safe or protected from the bad things that are going on in their home countries. Because of this executive order, several Republican governors have threatened to sue President Obama, and the Republicans in Congress have threatened to impeach him. But do they have a case? Let’s take a quick look at how it breaks down

The Case For Impeachment

Here are some of the arguments that would come forward if the Republicans were to seek for President Obama’s impeachment. These are just beliefs and have not been proven at this time.

This executive order is “overstepping” the President’s bounds to be able to make laws and perform other duties.

The President has failed to enforce a number of different laws, including the No Child Left Behind Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act.
The Case Against Impeachment
Here are some of the arguments that are presented when talking about impeachment and why it should not be done.

It would only hurt the Republican Congress (which it will be as of late January) and would tar their reputations more because the public believes that there are more important issues that need to be dealt with.

The only impeachment trials that have happened, which were against Nixon and Clinton, were for much more egregious crimes and accusations, and only Nixon was impeached.

Other Presidents (specifically, President G.W. Bush and President Reagan) have brought forward similar (not the same, but similar) executive orders to help deal with the issue until a resolution could occur.

So, as you can see, there are arguments on both sides. At this point, even some higher up Republicans are telling other Republicans to not even mention impeachment, so it may be unlikely that it even happens. What do you think about this whole ordeal?