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Some Laws that Need Fixing

Does Ferguson Show That There are Some Laws that Need Fixing?

Many people have heard about the mess in Ferguson, Missouri, that happened when Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown at close range. On November 24th, the Grand Jury decided to not indict Officer Wilson for murder charges, thus dismissing the case. This was based on the fact that the evidence (including the autopsy) showed that Brown had tried to assault Officer Wilson, and that he had reason to be fearful. Now that that is over, it’s important for us to take a look at the laws that we have in place all over the country, and to see if we should be analyzing them any differently.

How Are People Suggesting That We Deal With This?

At this point, there is a grassroots campaign that is being promoted online for the White House to start looking at a “Mike Brown Law.” What does this law do? In short, it makes it so that police officers of all sorts (state, local, and county) would have to wear some sort of camera on their person all of the time. The reason that this whole thing would even help is because there is proof that dash cams, which are on many police cars and even some passenger vehicles, have helped to reduce police brutality in certain areas. If they were on the officer’s person, then all of the evidence that would be needed for a particular case would be right there, on the police officer.

Fix Laws

The White House has responded at this point and has stated that they are looking into this as a potential solution to these sorts of cases. There are, of course, other options that are being looked at as well. Some police stations have already required this of their police officers in order to prepare for it.

This is definitely a hot button topic that needs to be explored in more detail. What do you think? Do you believe that this whole thing is an indication of a greater issue that is happening in our country? Are there laws that seem to favor those who have privilege of some sort? Or is there something bigger going on?

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